POS Selection Combo Pack Edit

POS Selection Combo Pack Edit

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POS Selection Combo Pack Edit

Selection Combo pack is a combination of several products put together and allow to select from Products at a special price. combo pack is created to increase sales of the complementary products and to provide special offers to the customers. With the help of POS Selection Combo Pack seller can sell products in packs as a combo product and allow facility to select products from it. once confirm and add selection item in cart you can Edit it again and change it as per your need

Available Key Features
  • Allow to create your own custom combo pack.
  • Flexibility for selecting products in combo pack.
  • Allow to add product via Category and option like select all or selected products with same category.
  • Can add any product from any category in combo pack, without using product category.
  • Option like allow to multi selection of products in same tab or not.
  • Setup of Minimum and Maximum Selection of items from Current Selection.
  • Facility to include combo product price with base product price or not.
  • Allow user to Edit Selection Product once confirm and add to cart.
1. How It Works: Configuration

After the installation of the module, Go to Products and create new Product.
Select Selection Combo option in product to create Selection Combo Pack product.

Add the Detail in Point of Sale Selection Combo section in Point of Sale tab.

Allow to edit selection item from cart.

2. Point Of Sale - Screen

In Point Of Sale screen, you can find Selection combo pack.

On Selecting Selection combo popup below window.

Selection Warnings
  • no item is selected and directly select confirm.
  • miss selection of product in from any category.
  • Minimum item selection is not satisfy in any of category.
  • Maximum selection of category is done.
  • not allow to select multi selection only single selection allow.
3. Point Of Sale - Cart

POS cart screen with selection items detail .