About Odoo

Odoo (Openerp) is a standout amongst the most capable Open Source ERP Business programming for Enterprise Management. Odoo is a complete suite of business applications and offers Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, and Human Resources and many other modules.

Odoo (Openerp) is dedicatedly designed for Small and Medium Sized organizations and is available on the cloud as well as on-site with more than 1000+ Odoo (Openerp) modules for different businesses. Another imperative advantage of utilizing Odoo (Openerp) is that it's essentially a web-based device where individuals from anyplace can redesign points of interest. A portion of alternate components which your association can utilize are Reports, Inventory Management and following, Point of offers, Integration with eCommerce or particular modules according to the association prerequisites.

  • Odoo is not just an ERP - It’s a Business Solution.
  • Odoo is an Open Source ERP and has a Low Cost of Implementation.
  • Odoo Customization is easy and fits any business model.
  • Odoo has a Strong and Active Community.
  • Odoo has more than 650 Certified implementation Partners.
  • There are more than 2 Million Trusted Users of Odoo.
  • Odoo provides 3000+ Ready and default Modules to use in your business.
  • Odoo is Web Based - Responsive Application.
  • Community and Enterprise edition with cloud options are available in Odoo.
  • 100% Customizable Modules
Odoo Features
Licence Free

Odoo keeps on modifying due to its license free feature and thus latest source code is available whenever required.

Amazing Reporting

Facilitates Charts/Graphs/Report generation, Quotations, Invoice creation, Email facilities, etc.

Robust Backend

Managing all the background processes right from the inventory management to shipping, or from purchasing to production, or from marketing to invoicing, or from shopping through website to delivery and many more.

Portal Access

Allows Portal access to customers, online payment through different payment acquirers that can be easily configured with Odoo.

Integrated Apps

Integrating different modules like Sales, HR, Accounting, Marketing, CRM, Project, Website, E-commerce etc.

Integrated CMS

Offers Bootstrap CMS and eCommerce modules integrated in website builder with various Themes/Blocks/editing features, so that extra third party plugins need not to be installed for Website creation.

Odoo Apps & Themes
Odoo Apps

Our Odoo Apps are built with the hands of expert Odoo developers and under the guidance of experienced Odoo Consultants who understand not only the functional and technical aspects of Odoo but with the business logic that drives growth using our apps.

Odoo Themes

Our Odoo Themes anre Design by expert Odoo developers and you can choose any theme that suits well to your business profile and get the best features in a customized theme by just drag and drop diffrent snippets as per your requirements.

Hire Odoo developers

Odoo is a vast application used for accelerating large business processes smoothly. To develop and integrate such a vast application and maintaining it without any adverse effect to business is itself a big risk. Also, to control and maintain an enterprise system is not so simple task that can be done in overnight. So, to prevent from this risk, you need a highly skilled Odoo developer consisting of complete knowledge regarding Odoo.

Why iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Get relief from your Odoo related worries by our Odoo experts
  • Wide Range of Technical Skills
  • 100% Guranteed & Best Solution
  • Quality Business Solutions
  • Deliver Fully Tested and bug Free code
  • 5 days/week , 8 hours/day
  • Quick Response
  • Regular Effective Communication
  • Daily/Weekly Reporting
Odoo developer
A dedicated Odoo developer can do for you..
  • Custom module development for new features
  • Website Development
  • Odoo Theme Implementation
  • Migration of code to higher Odoo version
  • Can Assist on Complex configurations
  • Ensure server performance optimisations
  • Customisation on any existing certified modules of Odoo
  • Provide support to your staff on their routine problems
  • Modify business reports
  • Define implementation plans
  • Functional Training when required
  • Training Videos
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