Merge Sale Orders

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Merge Sale Orders

Available Key Features
  • This module allows user to Merge Sale Orders which are in Draft/Sent Stage Orders.
  • User Can Merge Sale order of same partner.
  • Raise warning if order with not same partner or any order is not in Draft/Sent Stage.
  • Multiple types of merge options are available.
1. Merge Sale Orders Action

Select multiple orders of Draft/Sent Stage and of same partner.
2. Types of Sale Order Merge

A). Create New Order.

B). Create New Order and Delete Selected Order.

C). Merge Order on Existing Selected Order and Delete Others.

D). Create New Order and Cancel Selected Order.

E). Merge Order on Existing Selected Order and Cancel Others.

3. Merge Sale Orders Warnings

A). Select multiple orders of different Stage.

B). Select multiple orders of different Partners.
4. Merge Sale Orders in Selected Orders
4. Merge Sale Orders

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