Import Bill of Material (BOM)

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Import Bill of Material (BOM)

Available Key Features
  • You can Import Bill of Material (BOM) directly from file.
  • Importing Bill of Material (BOM) using CSV/XLS
  • Can Import BOM products variants by name, barcode or internal reference.
  • Allow to import BOM component by name, barcode or internal reference.
  • Can select BoM type and set in all import BOM.
  • Given below is the sample of import file, sample file available in this module.
    Path:- static > Sample File
Import BOM By Product Name

Import BOM By Product Name and Components by Code

1. Import Bill of Material
2. Import Bill of Material Wizard
3. Bill of Materials
Installation Guide
Before installing this module you have to install following packages.

Install Following Packages:

  • xlrd
  • xlwt

>> sudo pip / pip3 install xlrd
>> sudo pip / pip3 install xlwt
>> sudo apt-get install python-xlrd
>> sudo apt-get install python-xlwt

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