Employee Shift Management

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Employee Shift Management

Available Key Features
  • Employees to manage their shift using Shift Management.
  • Allow to set group of shift manager like Shift User or Manager, and based on group they have rights to access.
  • Manage configuration to request for shift before given days.
  • Manager can create shift type and used in shift request.
  • Employee/Manager can create shift request and submit to manager for approval.
  • Manager can approve/refuse shift request.
  • Auto set current shift of user based on current date by automated action.
  • Auto Send Shift request/approve/refuse with email to related user/manager with attached shift details in PDF.
  • User can see own shift requests with status.
  • Manager can see all shift requests with status also have access to To Approve Requests.
  • Manager can Print Report by selecting Date range, shifts and employees.
1. Shift User Types

Module allows to give rights to user and based on group user can access module features

2. Shift Request Configuration

Shift Request Configuration helps to restrict user to request for shift by defined days.

3. Shift Type Configuration

4. User Shift Requests

Restrict User to request if not satisfy with Shift Request Configuration.

Once request created allow user to submit request to approve.

Submit request email to manager with request button.

5. All Shift Requests and Shift Requests to Approve

Can See all Shift Requests of all users.

1. Shift List View

2. Shift Calendar View

All Shift Requests to Approve.

Manager can approve shift request.

Approve shift request Email with attached shift details as PDF.

Approved Shift Request.

6. Reporting

7. Employee Current Shift with total shift requests

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